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About Jay Wirkkala

Jay Wirkkala came to Taiwan to join Envision Taipei in January of 2017 as a two-year resident. He focuses on learning Chinese and supporting The Aroma Cafes and Church. He does this by providing English teaching to Aroma cafe workers, ESL support to other Aroma events. He also provides support for office finances and is responsible for our biweekly newsletter. Prior to coming to Taiwan, Jay graduated from Crown College where he studied psychology and TESOL. He then taught English in China for 2 years before serving as an intern with Envision: Bangkok during the summer of 2015. Originally from Castle Rock, Washington, he is the youngest of seven. He enjoys studying Christian apologetics, playing basketball, guitar, learning languages, and spending quality time with people.

“We believe great things are going to happen.”

God is constantly growing us — and often through means that are already there. We’re currently experiencing this through our pursuit to know God’s desire for our Ximen cafe. We closed the cafe mid-September to reexamine our vision, values, and strategy, and dedicated this time as being an internal review. At the end of one [...]

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“And in the lowest of valleys, there is growth.”

“Over a year ago when I was studying in Ecuador, I took a class about spiritual formation, where basically we learned how to develop our spiritual lives and strengthen our connection with Holy Spirit. It's been awhile since I've had that course, but there are many things that I took away from it that I [...]

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“I AM Doing a New Thing”

As a new year dawns we all know that there are certain things in our lives that we would like to change, so we set “New Year, New Me” resolutions. We get ourselves a gym membership, commit to eating healthier food or working on organizing our time better. All these things are good, but I’d [...]

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The God of the Impossible

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“why is this place so dark?”

Aroma has a history of going out to serve others through acts of kindness. This includes offering prayer, handing out food or other supplies, and sharing personalized cards of blessing. We recently participated in an outreach event at Longshan Temple, a place where large numbers of homeless people congregate. Our group bought some food items [...]

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This is How We #Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to celebrate with their family and friends. One of Aroma’s values is to build community. Our church recently started three community groups, which meet at different locations after Sunday services. They are a way for our community to build deeper relationships and invite new friends. It’s [...]

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Meet Angela

Justin and I have known Angela about as long as we’ve lived in Taipei. It’s was really fun and encouraging getting to know her even more this summer and I’m so excited to share her story with you! One day after school, Angela went to her friend’s church for an event they were having. At [...]

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Meet Zion

It’d been seven years since I’d become a Christian, but I didn’t know anything… Zion told this to me with a huge smile on his face. It wasn’t the sort of smile one has after they’re caught sneaking the last piece of candy from a jar, or even one of those smiles people have when [...]

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Meet Jennifer

“My mom and younger brother were baptized first,”Jennifer told me. “I waited a little while longer…,” she continued. Jennifer is a young woman from Taoyuan, Taiwan. She found the Aroma Cafe in Ximen over a year ago when she and her mother were searching social media for an internship opportunity. Jennifer and her mother were so [...]

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Meet Andrew

Andrew is a twenty-three year old Taiwanese man who has been working for us for less than a month. He, in many ways, has been an answer to prayer. Angela, another cafe employee, was leaving us to study worship leadership and our community had prayed for the right person to come and take her role. [...]

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