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This is How We #Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to celebrate with their family and friends. One of Aroma’s values is to build community. Our church recently started three community groups, which meet at different locations after Sunday services. They are a way for our community to build deeper relationships and invite new friends. It’s [...]

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Meet Angela

Justin and I have known Angela about as long as we’ve lived in Taipei. It’s was really fun and encouraging getting to know her even more this summer and I’m so excited to share her story with you! One day after school, Angela went to her friend’s church for an event they were having. At [...]

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Meet Zion

It’d been seven years since I’d become a Christian, but I didn’t know anything… Zion told this to me with a huge smile on his face. It wasn’t the sort of smile one has after they’re caught sneaking the last piece of candy from a jar, or even one of those smiles people have when [...]

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Meet Andrew

Andrew is a twenty-three year old Taiwanese man who has been working for us for less than a month. He, in many ways, has been an answer to prayer. Angela, another cafe employee, was leaving us to study worship leadership and our community had prayed for the right person to come and take her role. [...]

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Hospitality as Mission

One part of Envision’s DNA is hospitality. This a core piece of who we are as an Envision Site. But what is hospitality, and why do we want this, of all things, to be a description of who we are? Why is this characteristic up there with discipleship, ministry, and partnership, characteristics that sound much [...]

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God’s Children

In Psalms 22:27, David says, “ All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations shall worship before you.” (ESV) Over the past week, I have seen God’s family worship Him with their talents, hard work, music, and love for one another. For the [...]

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This Could Be You! (Part 2) “Why am I Here?”

“This is my third time to Envision: Taipei and this time I am committed for a year. I am often asked why I keep coming back to Taiwan. Is it the food? The city? The convenient public transportation system? While those things are amazing, the reason I come back is that I have heard the [...]

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[TBT] Life Shaping Scripture

Throwback Thursday Blog Brittany and I were recently interviewed and one of the questions that was given to us was this: “What scriptures has God used in shaping your life?” During my young life, there have been a few of these scriptures. Matthew 6:33 stuck out to me during my teenage years when I was battling my own desires. [...]

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God’s Promises in Christ = YES!

Before I became a Christian, I was very unhappy because many areas of my life were going poorly. For example, the relationship aspect was not going well. I was very sad and started to think maybe God had forgotten me. I knew I was not good. I, however, also felt I had absolutely nothing good. [...]

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Surfing to Share the Man Who Walked on Water

Editor's Preface- Our dear sister, and Aroma community member Nancy, who is doing full time ministry in Yilan, shared this personal update with us. Enjoy! "Christian Surfer’s  is an international organization. They share the gospel to the surfing community around the world. It’s growing in developing countries. CS Australia invited me to the Noosa festival 2018 [...]

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