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The Devil Wants You Tired/ God Gives Hope

By Skye Bonati At five o’clock I was ready to crash. Granted, I do seem to get worn out much more easily here in Taiwan than in America, but five o’clock? An overwhelming urge to sleep washed over me, and I sought the couch for a short nap — if it would come. Waves of [...]

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By Chris O'Dell   A while back I was challenged to think about the way I dealt with culture. I heard the challenge described in these two aspects that are to be held in tension: high context and low context. I’m not going to go in depth about how these cultures function. For that, I recommend this [...]

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Pay it Forward

By Brittany Siemens The past two weeks have been pretty busy for Justin and I! The marketing team at Aroma has been operating on a new schedule this year. We’re following a six weeks on and two weeks off schedule. What that means is that every eight weeks, we spend the first two looking back [...]

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Envision Associate is Reminded of Why He Went to Taiwan

By Nathan Conklin Returning to the States is always bittersweet for me. America is most definitely home, but after living in Taiwan for the past two years Taipei is also definitely home. As it turns out, Taiwan is becoming home even more as I commit to an additional four-year term after accepting an associate position [...]

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Your Impact in Uganda

Sweetie met the Aroma Team ten years ago, and began contributing to its cause in many ways: being a culture teacher, a translator, and a co-leader for small groups. She was already a Christian when she joined Aroma, but has since grown much closer to Jesus while learning what it means to follow Him with [...]

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Here’s Why There’s Another Party in Heaven

Our desire is for people to smell the Aroma of Christ through the different ministries and events we offer so that they may make the choice to follow Jesus and become more like Him. We would then like to teach them how to spread the Aroma of Jesus to their families, friends, workplaces, and even [...]

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Taiwan’s Response to Charlie Brown

By Justin Siemens 情愛的看中文朋友們, 不好意思我們這個月會使者只用英文寫我們的Aroma News。如果你每兩個禮拜收到這封信比較習慣讀中,文麻煩你回這封 email跟我們說喔!不要客氣!祝你們每一個人新年快樂! “Well… I’ve always wanted to be called FLASH! I hate the name Charlie.” Last Saturday, a handful of people from our Aroma community put on the musical titled You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. One of our leaders, Jesse, came to Taiwan as a missionary after leaving behind [...]

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“Your Obsession = ?”

By Emmi Hanus Recently, Chris challenged us to return to a position of being completely obsessed with Jesus. So obsessed that we are constantly longing for more of Him. So obsessed that we joyfully and urgently turn every conversation into being about Him. So obsessed that we prioritize Him, His lost sheep, and the people [...]

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How to Rock a Musical

Jesse and I are thrilled by the opportunity to put on the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” at Aroma. It’s been a dream of Jesse’s for years to be able to do something like this at Aroma. It’s also been super cool for me to be able to come alongside him and help [...]

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Our Father’s Business

Following one of our Sunday church services, a woman came up to me and asked if she could speak with me for a couple of minutes. I politely obliged and she started sharing: “I’m usually a pretty negative person. I get all these negative thoughts in my head, and it takes days to get them out. [...]

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